About us

Since its inception in 2009 ON Global Cotton Inc. has been committed to being a dynamic partner to its clients offering deep industry knowledge and delivering quality services.

Our main objective is to be the premier international consulting and marketing company in the cotton industry. We highly value the principles of honesty, integrity, professionalism. We strive for innovative business practices, which will drive revenues, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability to our clients.

ON Global Cotton has key global partnerships, meaningful insights, broad range of capabilities with more than 30 years of experience in the cotton industry.

Our Approach

We strive to create and sustain a professional and personal relationship with all of our clients. At ON Global Cotton we regard every client’s business as if it were our own and our main goal is the collective success of everyone involved. We strongly believe that in order to thrive, a consulting firm should be more than an advisor to its clients. Our philosophy is built on establishing a trust relationship with our clients in order to generate years of successful accomplishments, together.


Our Global Experience

The owner and president has more than thirty years of experience in global commodity trading and sales of cotton and coffee. He has a proven track record of implementing innovative win/win solutions that increase business profitability.

In addition, ON Global Cotton has a team of experts that have ample aptitude to bridge cultures and establish partnerships with business dealings spanning the USA, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

We have a verified history of increasing exports to China, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and Indonesia; and are pioneers in consignment stocks with bonded warehouses in Free Trade Zones in both China and Turkey.

Our team is multicultural and multilingual which allows us to better communicate with our agents, suppliers and clients worldwide.


Our Experience in China

Extensive knowledge of the Chinese market, the Chinese mills, and Chinese domestic merchants. This has provided us with a deep understanding of their culture and their way of thinking.

The last 15 years have been spent building and solidifying a vast bridge of confidence with Chinese buyers; sales are only conducted with highly valued and trusted mills and domestic merchants – where there is an established personal relationship. We benefit from a conservative methodology, and our agents are of the same conservative philosophy.

We work closely with a representative office in the country, and several trusted agents in China are at our disposal, allowing us to have greater coverage in the country.