Cotton Australia launches app for quick spray drift reporting


  • Cotton Australia has introduced the Cotton Australia Snap Send Solve app, enabling cotton farmers to report spray drift incidents.
  • The app allows for photographing and reporting of drift damage, which can be referred to authorities for action.
  • Over 500,000 users across Australia and New Zealand have already reported various issues through this platform.

Cotton Australia has launched a new tool called the Cotton Australia Snap Send Solve app for easy reporting of spray drift which helps cotton farmers to photograph and report drift incidents so other growers and industry stakeholders can be alerted as quickly as possible.

Growers can first download the app and then sign into the Cotton Australia group. The step-by-step guide is available on the Cotton Australia website and the password/code is Cott123, the organisation said in a press release.

Once a user is signed in, they can take a photo of spray drift damage or evidence and send it to Cotton Australia for appropriate action. One can also give approval for Cotton Australia to refer the incident to the relevant authority for investigation.

It allows Cotton Australia to provide the relevant authorities real-time mapping of spray drift incidents so that they can take appropriate action to prevent further drift incidences.

Cotton Australia is working with the key state control of use agencies Biosecurity QLD and NSW EPA to highlight best practice and warn about the implications of non-compliance.

Over 500,000 Snap Send Solve users have reported more than 3 million different types of issues across Australia and New Zealand with photos, descriptions, geolocation, and more, for free.