Kelheim Fibres, MagnoLab partner to boost textile sector collaboration

Viscose fibres specialist, Kelheim Fibres is collaborating with MagnoLab, an international network of textile industry companies based in the Biella region to share the growing importance of cross-company collaboration in driving innovation and sustainability within the textile sector.

Kelheim Fibres, known for efforts in sustainable viscose fibre development, positions itself not merely as a fibre supplier but as an innovation partner for the entire industry.

The viscose fibre specialist operates multiple pilot and technical facilities, and this newfound partnership with MagnoLab, which boasts a state-of-the-art textile machinery arsenal, promises to significantly enhance research and development efficiency.

Kelheim Fibres says through its Open Innovation approach, it actively promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge to co-create sustainable solutions for the future.

Giovanni Marchi, president of MagnoLab, said: “Kelheim Fibres is the first fibre manufacturer we are collaborating with. Together, we now cover the complete textile chain, making our work even more valuable.”

Kelheim Fibres reported the partnership facilitates practical testing, expediting the implementation of innovative solutions. Additionally, it fosters a tighter network within the European value chain, benefiting not only from reduced environmental impact through shorter transport routes but also enabling the realisation of innovations on European soil.

Dr. Marina Crnoja-Cosic, director of new business development, marketing & communications at Kelheim Fibres, explains the advantages of this collaboration: “Through close networking with the companies organised under MagnoLab, we can produce small quantities of samples and prototypes using various technologies. This enables us to develop solutions based on our speciality fibres that can be directly transferred to our partners’ production facilities within the textile value chain.”

Kelheim Fibres and the research and development centre, Recycling atelier Augsburg, partnered in March to begin the production of high-quality new products from recycled materials, such as non-wovens.