Loftex a key player in pioneering textile recycling pilot

A new circularity initiative is aiming to put a dent in the 17 million tons of textiles that are discarded or incinerated annually in the U.S.

Loftex, which manufacturers towels and throws, is teaming with Renewcell, and SCRAP to launch a pilot program that seeks to usher in a new era of circularity practices for the home and hospitality industry.

The pilot’s core objective is to validate and optimize the end-to-end process of collecting, sorting, recycling and manufacturing textiles. SCRAP is working with hotel chains in New York City and Washington, D.C. to collect end-of-life, 100% cotton towels, then sending them to Renewcell. By harnessing Renewcell‘s advanced recycling technology, the  textiles are being transformed into Circulose – a next generation material made from 100% recycled textiles.

This innovation culminates in the creation of Loftex-manufactured towels that have a minimum of 15% recycled content, and are plush, soft and highly absorbent.

“This pilot exemplifies the integration of circularity into our manufacturing process, paving the way for environmental and social benefits. It marks a pivotal shift that extends to companies, consumers, and the public sector, unlocking the full potential of circularity,” said Charles Gaenslen, CEO of Loftex Home.

Accelerating Circularity, which has been working to develop viable textile-to-textile systems for discarded apparel and home goods, is providing guidance and insight as a knowledge partner.

“By connecting all of the dots in the textile supply network – textile waste from hotels, sorting/shipping, recycling, and production – we are demonstrating that a circular solution is a viable solution, now,” said Tricia Carey, chief commercial officer of Renewcell.