Seal of Cotton hits 50-yr milestone as globally trusted emblem


  • Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Seal of Cotton trademark has grown to be a globally acknowledged emblem in the textile sector.
  • From an 18 per cent recognition rate in 1973 to 78 per cent in 2023, it now enjoys more recognition than other fibre-related logos.
  • Consumers highly associate the seal with trust, comfort, and being plant-based.

Cotton Incorporated’s Seal of Cotton trademark celebrates its 50th anniversary this year after it started out as a visual representation for consumers to identify cotton products—becoming a globally recognised trademark in the fashion and textile industry.

The Seal of Cotton trademark has soared in recognition from an awareness level of 18 per cent in 1973 to an impressive 78 per cent in 2023. Over three-quarters of consumers are now familiar with the Seal of Cotton, surpassing the recognition rates of other fibre-related insignias, according to Cotton Incorporated’s recent Supply Chain Insights.

Consumers credit the trademark with a host of positive attributes, including an 81 per cent association with trust, 80 per cent with comfort, and 88 per cent with being plant-based. A notable 90 per cent of respondents associate it with naturalness, while 85 per cent deem it a marker of safety. Furthermore, 87 per cent recognise the seal for indicating softness and 82 per cent for sustainability.

The trademark is chiefly associated with casual apparel and home textiles, with a prominent presence in personal care products such as bath towels, bed sheets, and casual pants. A considerable 90 per cent of individuals feel that the trademark aids them in identifying products containing cotton, and 82 per cent wish to see the logo featured on even more items, believing that it engenders reliance on the product or brand it represents.

Illustrating its bolstering effect on brand perception, the Seal of Cotton enables 73 per cent of shoppers to have a more streamlined shopping experience, helping them comprehend the fibre ingredients easily, a sentiment echoed by 87 per cent of consumers. Furthermore, it fosters loyalty towards brands utilising the logo, with 71 per cent of people showcasing allegiance to such brands.